Xtreme - Megga Slide

12 meters high, 60 meters long, and the most XTREME water Xperience in the South West ... It's crazy, insane, awesomeness!!!
(If your game?)

H20 Water Park

Experience the South West’s Ultimate Water Park featuring 5 waterslides, a waterwheel, fountains, cannon’s and not to mention.
“The Xcape 1,000 litre tipping bucket"

A-Maze 'N' Lazer Tag

Recruiting now, gamers young and old to battle it out in the tunnels of the Mine Shaft Maze. It tests not just physical but
Your mental ability using strategy and teamwork.

Xtreme - Climbing Walls

Suit up, shoes on, helmet locked and adrenaline loaded. Take on our 4 AWESOME climbing wall challenges as a race to the
Top -it's not for the faint herated.

Ninja Tower

Test your climbing skills as you try and conquer Ninja Mountain and climb to the top - warning - its
Harder than it looks!

Jump 'N' Tramps

Jump til your heart’s content on one of our ten Xtra-large enclosed trampolenes - with
360* fall protection & padding

Xtreme Putt

Test your putting skills on our Xtreme Putt Course - only if your game though. It’s great
Fun for fun for the whole family!

Quindalup Siding Train

All aboard for the miniture railway train-ride.  Listen out for the bell, grab mum and dad and hurry to catch the Quindalup Siding
Train as it departs the station.

Tiki Island

Everyone loves a bouncy castle. So take time to enjoy our Tiki Island. A miniture world of bouncing fun, sliding, and
Exploring awaits inside ...

Adventure Mountain

Awesomeness at a whole new level. Once you start there is no turning back as you take on our Ninja training mountian and Xtreme zones. Leave your fear of heights at the door. Climb, grapple and swing and overcome the array of ninja obsticals to get to the
Top and view the whole park.

Mini Ninja - Safe Play

Mums and dads can relax adjacent a fully enclosed safe-play area with a range of
Outdoor (children 4 and under only)

Game Zone

Enjoy a casual game of pool, Air Hockey, or any one of the arcade video games, and or one of the free
Complimentary games in the park



On Tap